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ECS SUPPORTS 2012 WiFi 危機解密研討會


2012 WiFi 危機解密研討會

Seminar on Protecting Your WiFi Network and the Future of Wireless Connection 2012

ECS SUPPORTS 「DigiCon6大賞」日本動畫大師交流座談會 X 《Keroro軍曹》


「DigiCon6大賞」日本動畫大師交流座談會 X 《Keroro軍曹》

「日本動畫大師交流座談會」誠邀《Keroro軍曹》的監督 - 佐藤順一先生親身分享《Keroro軍曹》製作心得及技術分享。此外,同場舉行「第13屆DigiCon6大賞香港區證書頒發典禮」。一眾動漫迷及有志投身創意動畫創作的人士不容錯過!

ECS EVENT Visit to Cathay City


Visit to Cathay City

With a view to stimulate students’ interests in various aspects of electronics and computer technology, JSECS is going to organise a visit to the Cathay City.

Date: 11th February 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Update: The event registration has been closed. - 2012/02/09 21:45 UTC+8

ECS EVENT HK Outstanding IT School Award 2012 Application NOW OPEN


HK Outstanding IT School Award 2012 Application NOW OPEN

The Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award is now open for application from 1st January to 13th February! Our theme this year is "Sight in Technospective    Unleash the Future". Show your talent. Explore your potential in the IT aspect. Your creativity. Your innovation. Join Now!

ECS EVENT 「WiFi 安全話咁易 2011」之 WiFi 保安大搜查電車之旅


「WiFi 安全話咁易 2011」之 WiFi 保安大搜查電車之旅

香港無線科技商會(WTIA)及專業資訊保安協會(PISA)主辦,e-zone 全力協辦,香港電訊管理局(OFTA)贊助的「WiFi 安全話咁易〔SafeWiFi〕計劃」,廣受業界以至公眾關注;今年再度舉辦的「Wi-Fi 保安大搜查 - 電車之旅」,更昂然進入第 10 屆。該活動由 WTIA 及 PISA 的資深委員領導,參與人士可乘坐電車參與全港性大型專業網絡考核,為香港無線網絡覆蓋及保安普查研究出一分力!

ECS EVENT 33rd JSECS Opening Ceremony


33rd JSECS Opening Ceremony

We are pleased to announce that the 33rd JSECS Opening Ceremony will be held on 2011/11/19 (Sat).

The Opening Ceremony marks the official commencement of the 33rd Session. The Ceremony will be followed by the Concluding Remarks of the last session and the presentation of the Year Plan for the 33rd JSECS.

Visitors are warmly welcomed to join the Ceremony.

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