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ANNOUNCEMENT 40th JSECS Sub-Committee Recruitment


40th JSECS Sub-Committee Recruitment

 40th HKJSECS 

Are you a passionate coder, an inspired maker, or a computer enthusiast? If so, the Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society (HKJSECS) is the perfect place for you! We are a student-led non-profit organization that welcomes like-minded peers: like you!

By joining us, you will be able to collaborate with large corporations such as HKCS and Cyberport! You will also be given opportunities to organize events, such as the Annual Exhibition, Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award, ICT Seminar and the annual City Tracing event.

If you are interested in joining our Sub-Committee, please visit for further details. The deadline will be November 16!

We look forward to collaborating with you to realize the 40th HKJSECS’ year theme: “Pioneering Young Teens, Home of Netizens”!

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