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ECS EVENT City Tracing 2015 :  Découvre


City Tracing 2015 : Découvre

 36th HKJSECS 

Découvre, discover in French, has always been the act of men, originated from curiosity, the very core of human nature. Ever since our birth, we try to discover, we search for an answer, motivated by our purest curiosity. As we grow up, we begin to question relationships, ideas, beliefs, and to the furthest...our origin. We can see how curiosity and discovering occupies our life. Even when we encounter and experience, even when our minds transform and are deflected, by money, by power, the curiosity in human persists and continues to be pure. Come together, approach again the divine curiosity, and discover.

City Tracing 2015 : Découvre

Details of the activity are as follows:
Date: 9th May 2015
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Fee: $70 (members); $80 (non-members)
Application deadline: 2nd May 2015

Online Application:

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