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ECS EVENT H.O.T. City Tracing 2011


H.O.T. City Tracing 2011

 32nd HKJSECS 

Triumph (n.)
1. A very great success, achievement or victory
2. A feeling of great satisfaction or pleasure caused by this

Success, achievement, victory, satisfaction, pleasure… Have you ever imagined that you can experience all these in one single day? Do you want to know how is this going to work? Find it out by joining our city tracing!

Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society is organizing a city tracing named ‘Hunt of Triumph’ (H.O.T.) on 20th July, 2011. Unlike the commonly held joint school city tracing programs, you are mostly welcomed to form teams with your own friends in H.O.T.! Hot summer, great buddies, joy of success are all that you can find in this brand new summer city tracing!

Date: 20th July, 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Eligibility: F.3 or above
Quota: 60
Application Fee: $80 for member, $100 for non-member

For enquiries, please kindly contact the person-in-charge Priscilla Kong (Vice President) at 6076 1826 or Angel Cheung (Internal Secretary) at 6086 5721.

Hesitate no more! Come and hunt your own great moments of triumph!

* A team with 6 - 10 members is expected. Teams with less than 6 members will have to combine with other teams.

Online Application

Application deadline: 17th July, 2011 (Sunday) 11:59p.m.

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