Update on Finalists: (2016/7/12)

After prudent adjudications of presentations and careful consideration by our judges, 5 teams with the highest scores have been qualified for the Finals. The list of qualified teams, in alphabetical order, is as follows.

SchoolTeam leader
Chinese International School (B1)TSANG, Sze Nga Ingrid
Chinese International School (B3)TUEN, Ashley
Pak Kau College (C1)WONG, King Hin
匯知中學 (F1)WONG, Ching Lam
青年會書院 (G1)NGAI, Kan Lung

May we congratulate the above qualified teams for their outstanding performances. Team leaders of qualified teams will be notified for details of the finals held in late May. Thank you for your support and attention.

Update on Semi-Finals presentation session: (2016/5/20)

We are sorry to inform you that the presentation session of the HKOITSA is cancelled due to the unexpected chaos caused by the collapse of the sports centre in the City University of Hong Kong.

As the exam is coming and we would like to avoid interrupting students’ preparation for the exam, it is decided that students can take a video of the presentation and email us before 15th June 2016 for adjudication.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to call our president, Cynthia CHAU at the number specified in the email.

Please accept our apologies for the sudden rearrangement of the presentation session.

The judging of the semi-finals will be held on 21th May 2016. Presentations will be judged on the content, presentation skills and whether they are consistent with the proposals. The details of the day are as follows:

Date: 21th May 2015 (Sat)
Time: 14:00 - 16:30 (please refer to timeslot specified in email)
Venue: The City University of Hong Kong
Dress code: School uniform

Please note the following guidelines for the presentation:

  1. Registration
    Please bring along your student ID card for registration.
  2. Rundown
    The presentation will be divided to two parts (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes Q&A section). When the time is up, teams must stop the presentation or otherwise will be served with a mark penalty.
  3. Language
    Participants may use *either *Cantonese or English for your presentation. If you have chosen Cantonese, you may also use English for technical terms.
    Participants can use any aids to present your ideas. A computer will be provided but you may also use your own laptop.
  4. Instructions
    Please send the soft copy of your presentation PowerPoint and the request of materials [email protected] on or before 19th May, 2016 (Thur).
    Please note that you can still modify the materials once you have submitted. If you would like to submit anything to the judges for their references, please pass them to the receptionists during registration.
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