The Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award is one of the most highlighted projects organized by HKJSECS every year. Every year, we attract student teams from different schools to compete and share their creative ideas with the others. Following last year’s great success, the 37th HKJSECS is going to organize HKOITSA 2016, continuing to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and enrich their knowledge in IT.

The Award aims at helping students to stimulate their potential in the IT aspect, applying their skills and knowledge acquired from their daily life and exposure to various technologies. Participants are required to develop a product, a prototype of their invention, or a detailed presentation of their ideas. The competition will be divided into 3 sections and it will last for approximately 6 months. This year, the prizes of the competition are amounted to over $10000.


The theme of this year is "3R Life". Which, the 3Rs are Relax, Relief and Release respectively. Hong Kong is a metropolitan well known for its competitiveness. At the same time, the city’s residents suffer from mounting stress. Teams are given the opportunity to develop apps or products to help Hong Kong people relieve and manage their stress.

Teams are required to produce a prototype and illustrate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of their proposal.






本年度比賽主題為「3R 生活」,「3R」分別指放鬆,緩解和釋放。眾所周知,香港是一個大都市,一個不夜城。因此,港人無時無刻也為生活感到緊張,渴望趕上步伐。參賽者須利用科技設計程式或產品紓緩港人繁忙的生活,急速的步伐而產生的壓力。除此之外,決賽隊伍須按計劃書內容設計原型,展示方案的部份功能,以證明其之可行性。

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