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Heats: (Proposal Writing)

Teams with an outstanding proposal of ideas related to the theme ‘IT – Makes Life Easier’ will have a chance to develop their projects, which will be displayed in the 35th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition in their own booths.

The competition requires participants to design a technology in forms such as systems or tangible products, depending on the technology’s nature. Then participants will prepare a proposal in detail describing the idea. Proposals will be judged by the judging panel consisting of university professors and IT experts. Judging will be based on the creativity and accuracy of the proposals. The best teams (at most 20) will be qualified for the next round. Teams may choose any area in the field of IT and decide their own topics related to the theme.

Semi-finals: (Proposal Presentation)

Each team will be required to present their detailed ideas in the proposal handed in. Judges will adjudicate based on the consistency of the proposal, the presentation skills, intensity of the theme, the cooperation among teammates, etc. The best teams (at most 8) will be qualified for the Finals.

Finals: (Booth Construction and Exhibition)

In order to provide teams with experiential learning opportunities and feedback to their ideas, university professors and IT professionals will be invited to be mentors. Each finalist team will be matched with one mentor. Mentorship sessions will be arranged for the teams.

Each finalist team will be required to construct a booth according to the proposal written in the preceding round in the 35th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition. Teams may also be asked to present their ideas on stage during the exhibition. The budget for constructing the booth should not exceed HK$500.

The booth should be designed to introduce their ideas in an interactive and flexible manner. Teams have to cater for different age groups and people with different technology knowledge levels. They should be prepared to be questioned by visitors and give detailed explanations.

Booths will be judged on the appearance of the booths, the presentation given by teams, whether booths are consistent with the proposal and whether money is used wisely. The best three teams will be awarded champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively. Other teams will also be awarded merit prize.

Format and Requirements

The proposal should be mainly in words, supplemented by graphics or drawings where appropriate. It can be written in either English or Chinese, but a mixture of both languages is not allowed.

There are no restrictions on the format of the booth and finalized products presented in exhibition. However, feasibility and effectiveness must be taken into account so that the products can be displayed clearly and properly.

For other information, please see Entry Handout & Information.

Application Submission

Please send the completed application form to the following address on or before 16th February 2014 19th February 2014 (The postmark date on the envelope will be regarded as the date of application):

Application for HKOITSA 2014 - (Name of School)
Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society
PO Box 73945, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

or send the scanned version in the format:

To: [email protected]
Subject: HKOITSA 2014 - (Name of School)

Letter of confirmation will be sent to the teacher-in-charge and team leader via e-mail within 14 days after receiving the application form. An administrative fee of $100 will be collected from each team after confirmation of application.


If there are any further enquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

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