Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award 2009

Organized by the Hong Kong Joint School Electronic and Computer Society
Hong Kong Outstanding IT-School Award 2008-2009
Contest Guidelines - 2nd Round

As semi-finalists, you are required to hand in a proposal for an exhibition booth of the coming 20th Joint School Electronic and Computer Exhibition. When drafting your proposals, please pay attention to the following points:

* In order to make the booths more profound and informative, each team is required to decide their own topics based on the themes. Possible topics include:

  • Personal computers;
  • Virtual Reality;
  • Mobile phones;
  • Internet;
  • Cameras and camcorder;
  • I.T. in business field;

and etc.

The dimensions of the booths are 3m(W) x 3m(L) x 2m(H). Each booth will be surrounded by 3 boards. You are encouraged to utilize different materials to make the booth livelier. However, should models are to be displayed in the booth, only a clear 2D-draft is needed when the proposal is handed in.

The proposal should include the following:

  1. A title for the proposal (decided by students)
  2. Introduction and/or objectives
  3. Overall Plan of the Booth with illustration
  4. Publications in the booth
  5. Drafts of non-publications, such as models, to be displayed in the booth
  6. Budget
  7. Any other materials required

Proposals will be judged on its creativity and accuracy.

The best few teams will be qualified for the final round. Finalist will be required to realize their proposal and in charge of a booth in the 20th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition. The Exhibition will take place in Early August in Hollywood Plaza. Teams may choose not to participate in the final round. In this case, they will only get the merit prize

Concerning the submission of proposals, there are a few things to note:

  1. The proposal must be original
  2. The proposal has to be in “.doc” format, but NOT in “.docx” format
  3. Original files of publications included in the proposal should be submitted
  4. Proposal files not greater than 10MB in size may be emailed to [email protected];
    otherwise they should be burnt onto a compact disc and mailed as followed:
    (Name of School)
    (Name of Team Leader)
    Hong Kong Outstanding IT-School Award 2009
    PO Box 73945, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

* All proposals are to be submitted on or before 2 MAY 2009.