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Hong Kong Outstanding I.T. Student Awards 2006 - Interview

The first round interview for the Outstanding I.T. Student Awards was successfully held in the campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on 8th July and 15th July 2006. To ensure the fairness of the competition, we have invited several professors and experts from various departments of the university to be our honourable judges.

The interview took place in the Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building of the CUHK. In the 2-day interview, Prof. Will W.Y. Ng (Department of Information Engineering, CUHK), Mr. K.Y. Leung (Industrial Liaison Manager, Centre for Innovation and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, CUHK), Prof. T Lee (Department of Electronic Engineering, CUHK), Prof. K.F. Wong (Department of Systems Engineering, CUHK) took turn to select the elite applicant to be the Outstanding I.T. Student of the Year 2006. During the interview, applicants presented their insight into the theme of the year – Anti-piracy. They also showed their sensitivity to the current I.T. related news and contributions to the society by answering questions raised by the professors.

The Outstanding I.T. Student Awards 2006 is one of the focused activities of the 27th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society (HKJSECS). This award has been held annually for 10 consecutive years. It aims at discovering and exploring I.T.-related talents and potential in students, as well as complimenting students on their contributions and achievements in I.T.-related fields. All full-time secondary schools students are eligible to join the competition.

The application process was completed in 30th June 2006. 5 finalists will be selected to enter the 2nd round, which includes a Q&A section that is proposed to be held during the 18th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition. Visitors may vote for their favourite I.T. Student during the exhibition. The prize-giving ceremony will also be held during the last day of the exhibition.

The list of finalists will be released in early August. Successful finalists will receive phone call from the executive committee members of the HKJSECS. They can also check the list on the Internet by logging into the HKJSECS official website.