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  • Local secondary Form 3 to 5 students (or equivalent)
    (In the 2018-2019 academic year)

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline
    2018/11/30 23:59:59 +0800
  • Interview
    To be announced.
  • Pre-interview Bonus Tasks
    (Applicants for Publications Department Only)
    Bring 1 or 2 Portfolio Item(s)

The current time is now 2018/12/19 11:34:15 +0800.

Positions Currently Open

  • Sub-Committee Member (Project Department)
  • Sub-Committee Member (Public Relations Department)
  • Sub-Committee Member (Publications Department)

Structure and Duties of JSECS

Structure of the Application Form

The online application form consists of 5 pages:

  • 1. Personal Particulars
  • 2. OEA / Extra-curricular Activities
  • 3. Position Selection and Your Rationale
  • 4. Survey
  • 5. Confirmation

Notes to Applicants

  • For applicants to the Publications Deparment, you may bring along your portfolio as a bonus task.
  • Please take note of the important dates section. Applicants will be interviewed on that day unless specifically requested.
  • Applicant risks disqualification by submitting inaccurate or misrepresented information.
  • Please read the Personal Information Collection Statement to know how we process your personal information.
  • Each applicant has a first preference and a second preference for the working position.
The server time is now: 2018/12/19 11:34:15 +0800
Application deadline: 2018/11/30 23:59:59 +0800
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