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Hong Kong Outstanding IT-School Award 2010

Organized by the Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society


Contest Guidelines


It has been a tradition for HKJSECS to organize the Outstanding IT Student Award so as to help students explore their potential in the IT aspect. Since the 29th year of JSECS, the IT Student Award has been changed to the IT School Award. This is to encourage students to form teams and achieve more with each others’ help and to promote IT culture in schools as a whole. To meet the growing global trend of environmental friendliness, HKJSECS has adopted “Greenovation in the IT Century” as the theme for this year. “Greenovation” is the combination of “Green” and “Innovation”. Through this competition, we hope that students could be encouraged to apply computer science in daily lives and live greenly. In addition, students are provided with opportunities to help develop Information Technology Industry with eco-awareness.


  • To enrich students’ knowledge in IT
  • To arouse students’ awareness on impacts of electronic wastes and importance of environmental protection in IT industry
  • To promote applications of computer science in daily lives with environmentally friendly methods


  • Applicants should form teams of 4 − 6 individuals.
  • Maximum of 2 teams can represent the same school.
  • Each team must have 1 teacher-in-charge to assist the students.
  • The competition is divided into three rounds:
    • Heat: (Online MC Quiz)
      1. Questions are set on various topics about IT.
      2. Teams are to use the usernames and passwords given to access the quiz and finish it within a given period of time.
      3. Teammates are allowed to work together and use online search engines to complete the test. However, teachers and parents must not provide any help to students during the quiz.
      4. Teams with excellent results will be qualified for the next round.
    • Semi-Final: (Proposal Writing)
      1. Each team is required to hand in a detailed proposal.
      2. The proposal is on how to construct/design a booth on the theme "Greenovation in the IT Century".
      3. Each team can decide their own topics.
      4. Proposals will be judged on the creativity and accuracy of the proposals.
      5. The best teams will be qualified for the final round.
      6. Teams may choose not to participate in the final round. In this case, they will only get the merit prize.
    • Final: (Exhibition)
      1. Each team is required to construct a booth in the 21st Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition according to the proposal written in the preceding round, together with a short presentation to the judges.
      2. Booths will be judged on the appearance of the booths and whether they are consistent with the proposals.
      3. The best three teams will be awarded champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively. Other teams will also be awarded merit prize.

Judging Panel

  • Prof. R. Chung
    Department of Mechanical & Automation Engineering
    Director of Computer Vision Laboratory
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. K.P. Pun
    Associate Professor
    Department of Electronic Engineering
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. L.K. Yeung
    Associate Professor
    Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    The University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Hubert Chan
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Computer Science
    The University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. Sunny Lee
  • Mr. Rex Ma
    Hononary Secretary 2009-10, Lions Club of Hong Kong (Pacific)
    Environmental Protection Committee (New Media) 2009-10, Lions Clubs International District 303, China Hong Kong and Macau
    Vice Chairman 2010, National Training and Development Council, JCIHK
    Member Affairs Advisor 2010 - City Lady Junior Chamber
  • Mr. Frankie Tam
    eZone@school 顧問


  • Application Deadline:
    31st March 2010
  • Heat:
    7th to 14th April 2010
  • Announcement of Heat results:
    Mid April 2010
  • Deadline for submission of proposals:
    Early June 2010
  • Announcement of Semi-Final results:
    June 2010
  • Exhibition:
    August 2010


Application Form

Download the Application Form (PDF Format)

Deadline of Application

31st March 2010 (Ended)

Submit Application by Mail

You may send the completed application form to the following address (the postmark date shall be considered as the registration date):

(Name of School)
Application for HKOITSA 2010
PO Box 73945, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

Or Submit Application by Email

You may send the completed application form electronically to [email protected].