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Hong Kong Joint School Short-Film Production Workshop 2009

Organized by the Hong Kong Joint School Electronic and Computer Society co-organized by UNiSoft co. and Umovie production
The Joint School Short Film Production Workshop 2009

Hong Kong Outstanding IT-School Award


This year is the 30th anniversary of HKJSECS. To celebrate this milestone year, we would like to look back and see how IT has reformed our lives in the past 30 years.

In recent years, short-film is a popular way to publish different information. Video sharing websites such as YouTube, Yahoo! Videos and Google Videos have become platforms for everyone to bring their creativity into full play. Furthermore, more and more schools have established a campus TV team for providing a new path for promoting school events. This is a phenomenon which we could hardly imagine 30 years before.

Through a rewind of IT history, HKJSECS hopes that student would unleash their creativity to witness the change of the e-world and develop a great vision on its future. Moreover, the HKJSECS would like to create an opportunity for the campus TV teams of different schools to share their experience. We would like to invite all students who are interested in this field to join this meaningful workshop.


  • To review the development of IT in HK in the past 30 years
  • To share the ideas and experience in short film production
  • To arouse students’ awareness on how IT improves our living standard
  • To enrich students’ knowledge on short-film producing
  • To explore students’ IT-related talents and enrich their knowledge in IT
  • To arouse public awareness on young IT elites, especially secondary school students in Hong Kong
  • To reinforce the importance of protection of creativity in IT industry


Any full-time secondary school students are eligible.
Applicants should fill in the application form available on the HKJSECS website.


  • A film production seminar will be provided to students by UMovie on 28th July. The opening ceremony will be held before the seminar.
  • Film production course will be provided by UniSOFT and started from 11th to 20th July.
  • Students will be regrouped into different teams consist of 10-13 individuals. Each team should produce TWO short films, 10 minutes movie in ANY style, such as dramas, advertisement, music video, etc and also a 30 seconds advertisement on the theme “IT rewinds IT refines”. The advertisement can be either related or independent to the movie.
  • The short film should be submitted a week before exhibition (mid-August).
  • 5 outstanding works will be shown in the exhibition. An award will be given to outstanding teams.
  • Each team should upload their 30-second film to Youtube for promotion.
  • JSECS will NOT provide any means for film production. Each team should prepare all the equipment for themselves.
  • The studio of UMovie can be booked if necessary. If any teams want to do so, they should contact the JSECS first.

Submission of films

  1. The film must be original
  2. The film has to be in “.avi” or “.wmv” or “.mov” format
  3. The deadline for the submission of the films will be mid-August
  4. Files not greater than 10MB in size may be emailed to [email protected];
    otherwise teams should upload the production to any network storage website? or burn onto a compact disc and mail as follows:

    (Name of School)
    (Name of Team Leader)
    The Hong Kong Joint School Short-Film Contest 2009 PO Box 73945, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

Films will be judged by the judging panel of the contest, which consists of professors of universities and experts in IT. Judging will be based on the creativity and accuracy of the films.


Judgement will be based on the creativity and accuracy of the films.
Entries will be judged by a judging panel consisting of:

  • Mr. Joseph Yim - Academic Director of UNiSOFT
  • Mr. Lee Lik Chi - 香港電影界著名導演
  • UMovie Production Team

Work Distribution (Roles)

Roles Additional Requirements
Camera Operator Experienced in film-shooting
Able to provide camera for his group
Director -
Screenwriter -
Actor -
Props team Able to provide props required by their group
Sound & Music team Able to provide soundtracks
Post-production and effects team Experienced in post-production and effects.
Able to provide any means for film-cutting

Workshop Fee

  1. $30/person

Timetable for the workshop

Application Period 25th May 2009 – 4th July 2009
Seminar and Opening Ceremony 5th July 2009
Course: 18th July, 25th July
Deadline for submission of film: 1st August
Announcement of prize winners Not later than 7th August
Exhibition 8th to 9th August