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Hong Kong Digital Visual Arts Content 2006



  • To eliminate the infringement of copyright

Competition details

  • All full-time secondary school students in a group of 2 to 4, or in individual, are invited to create digital visual arts to promote the elimination of the infringement of copyright.
  • Digital visual arts include digital photography, digital modified photographs, posters, animations, videos, etc.
  • Entries are not required to be solely created by digital tools; they can include other forms of creations.
  • Teams may consist of students from different schools, so long as the team is wholly secondary school students.
  • More than one entry can be submitted by a team or an individual, but one cannot be a member of several teams.


  • Professors from universities and representatives from sponsor companies and the Intellectual Property Department will be invited to be the judges of the competition.

Judging criteria

  • 30% Public awareness of the protection of copyrights
  • 30% Digital manipulation skills
  • 30% Creativity
  • 10% Description - refer to the submission form

Application and submission procedures

  • Please submit both soft copy and hard copy (if applicable). Application forms along with the entry should reach the organizer by 20 Aug 2006 by mail or directly to the representative of schools.



  • Champion
  • Runner-up (x2)
  • Honorable mention (x2)

Announcement of results

  • The results will be announced on the last day of the 18th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition which its details will be announced soon.