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Hong Kong Schools IT World 2000


With over 2000 participants in the five competitions of the last IT Festival, we believe that these competitions appeal to a lot of students and these competitions also help in arousing students interests and knowledge in the field of Information Technology. Therefore, we will continue to organize these competitions in the coming IT World 2000. However, we will modify some of the details so that they will be more suitable in achieving the aims of the IT World.

First of all, we consider to cancel the "Most Outstanding IT Student Award", as only less than 20 students participated in this event. Besides, we will modify the competition process of the other competitions, including the IT Project, Chinese word processing, Computer Graphics and IT Contest. The complete fact sheets of the four competitions are attached below.

Theme: Education and Entertainment in the IT world


  • To recognize teamwork among students in the utilization of IT skills for creativity and innovation
  • To explore potential roles of students in real-world IT applications
  • To promote the pragmatic value of IT in education and learning

Who can participate?

  • All full-time secondary school students are eligible to be participants in this competition.
  • Participants should have good team spirit, and are competent in the perception, design, development and implementation of project-based tasks.
  • Each school can nominate one team to participate in this competition, with up to 10 team members, while two of the members will be the project team leaders.

Competition Process

Future school

  • a computerized laboratory
  • using IT in conducting lessons

Future museum

  • a digital and highly interactive science museum, or a astronomy museum
  • using IT in a zoological and botanical museum

Qualifying Round

  • Each team should choose one of the project title shown above. They will then be required to write a proposal on their project. The proposal should include at least the following:
    • The objectives of the project.
    • The content of the project.
    • The format of the project and how would you present your project.
    • The budget.
  • The proposal will be examined by the jury and about 20 outstanding teams will be chosen to have their projects appear in the exhibition.
  • (Participants are not required to follow the suggested outlines above.)


  • The successful entries will have about two to three months to work on their project.
  • The project will be exhibited during the exhibition of the IT World.
  • Students are required to describe their project and demonstrate how it works to the judgement team, while public visitors are invited to vote for the best project which will make up to 30% of the total score.
  • The winners of the competition will then be announced after the exhibition of the IT World.

Assessment Criteria

  • Degree of practical application in terms of real world utilization
  • Computer and programming skills
  • Extent of IT elements used
  • Interactivity of the presentation
  • Overall presentation

Format of the Project

  • The project can be anything based on the utilization of computer and information technology
  • Students can make use of any computer programs, webpage, presentation software, peripheral devices, electronic devices, and even telecommunication devices.
  • Students are reminded that the interactivity of the project plays an important role in the project.
  • Each team will be given up to $1500 for their work on the project.

The judgement team

  • Professionals from the educational field and IT field and public celebrities will be invited to form the judgement team.

Rules and regulations

  • Participants should never use any copyrighted resources such as webpages, books, or any other media, unless permission from the author or owner is given.
  • The decision of the judging panels on all artistic matters shall be final and conclusive.
  • The information of the participants submitted will only be used by the organizing committee for use in this competition.


  • Computer peripherals, computer software, coupons.

Admission Fee

  • HK$30 for each team.

Different kinds of competitions

  • Chinese Word Processing Competition
  • Computer Graphics Competition
  • IT World 2000 - IT Contest

Prizes for winners

  • Desktop computers
  • Notebook computers
  • Computer peripherals such as printers, digital cameras
  • Computer-related products such as PDA
  • Free access to Internet for one year
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • others