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X Dimensions (13th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition)

Introduction of the Exhibition

The 13th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition will be held from 1st to 4th August, 1997 at the Special Exhibition Hall of the Hong Kong Science Museum. The exhibition will be in the form of a competition. Each participating school should send 2 project holders to be responsible for the entire project.

Theme of the Exhibition

The theme of the exhibition this year is : X Dimensions.

Making use of our immense imagination and creativity, human lives have become better. Indeed, the world electronic and computer science prospers at such a rapid pace that we, at the moment, cannot possibly estimate how wonderful a life would become in future. Therefore, We can only assume boundless dimensions, namely X dimensions, in which it continues its way to develop. Participating schools are encouraged to combine their imagination and creativity with their knowledge of electronics and computer science so as to review and forecast the significance of electronic devices and computers as working partners of men.

Project Proposal

All the participating schools are required to submit a proposal of their projects to us before 25th April, 1997. Proposal can be submitted by posting to P. O. Box 73945, Kowloon Central Post Office. In addition, the proposals should be written clearly and typed in A4 papers. It can be in English or in Chinese. A proposal assessment will be held and the proposals will be judged by our advisors. We will select 25 secondary schools through the project proposal assessment to participate in the exhibition.

Briefing Seminar

A briefing seminar for all the project holders will be held in February, 1997. During the seminar, details of the exhibition will be announced and we will distribute pamphlets of the exhibition of last year and a copy of the sample project proposal for your reference, and questions concerning the exhibition can be asked.


In July, our inspectors will check the progress of the participating teams to ensure that all will achieve a satisfactory performance in the exhibition. The first part of the subsidy will be given to participating teams after the inspection.


There will be 7 prizes for the competition, namely:
1.The Champion
2.The First Runner-up
3.The Second Runner-up
4.The Best Programming
5.The Best Hardware Design
6.The Most Creative Project
7.The Most Popular Booth

Advisors of HKJSECS and professors of the tertiary institutions are invited to be our adjudicators for the first six prizes. Prize 7. will be elected by the visitors.

Facilities and Subsidy provided

For any schools which has submitted a proper proposal to us, a maximum amount of $1,200 subsidy will be given according to the need of your project. During the exhibition, computers, boards, benches as well as chairs will be provided. Also, transportation will be provided for your projects to be sent to the exhibition hall.