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Interschool Electronics and Computing Quiz 1997

The Quiz was first jointly organized with ATV last year and we are pleased with the result. We hope the students could share their knowledge in computer and experiences through participation.

The Quiz is open to all secondary school students in Hong Kong. Each participating school could form only one team to enter the quiz. Each team should consist of three members and one reserve member.

The first round of the competition will be taken in March. It will be in form of paper test. The questions will consists of Multiple Choice Questions and Short Questions regarding electronics and computer technologies and general knowledge of computer. The 9 teams with the highest marks will be promoted to the final round. The matches will be in the form of quiz, and we are negotiating with ATV to broadcast the Final Round matches. Prizes will be presented to the champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up.

Application forms for the Quiz has been sent to all member schools. The application deadline is 15th February, 1997


  1. 保良局八三年總理中學
  2. 拔萃男書院
  3. 聖公會莫壽增會督中學
  4. 伊利沙伯中學
  5. 保良局莊啟程預科書院
  6. 觀塘官立中學
  7. 聖類斯中學
  8. 觀塘瑪利諾書院
  9. 皇仁書院
  10. 九龍華仁書院
  11. 聖言中學
  12. 聖保羅書院

是次比賽之總決賽將於三月二十九日在亞洲電視舉行,於總決賽勝出的學校將會獲得由IBM公司送出Pentium 133電腦三部,而其他所有進入總決賽的十一間學校都可獲得由IBM送出的PC Radio一部。