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HKCEE Computer Studies Mock Test 1997

As a highlight of functions, our education subcommittee is organising the Hong Kong Joint School Computer Mock Test this academic year. The aim of the Test is to provide students of Computer Studies who will take the HKCE Computer Studies examination in 1997 with an opportunity to test their strength in the subject and to familiarise themselves with the pattern of the actual examination.

More than 2100 students from numerous districts participated in the Test in the last academic year. Many participants have found the Test invaluable for effective preparation for the examination.

The details of the Test are as follows:

Test: Computer Studies (Papers I and II, 2 hours each)
Date: 22 February 1997 (Saturday)
Time: 09:00 - 13:30

Participants will be allocated to different venues according to their school district and availability of seats in the venues.

The papers will be marked by experienced teachers and students who have acquired distinctions in the CE Computer Studies examination, and the test results will be mailed directly to your school by 12 April 1997. In order that the participants can get the most of the Test, the marking scheme will be distributed immediately after the Test, and a seminar briefing on the general performance of the test takers will be held in April 1997.