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Cyber Contest

The aim of the Contest is to arouse students interest in homepage designing, enhance their knowledge and techniques in programming and to provide opportunity to learn more about the Internet and some of the great new tools that are available for creating and managing web sites.

The contest is open to all secondary school students in Hong Kong and the topic is open. Training courses, which are held by Asia Online Ltd., include uses of CGI, Java etc. are provided. Entries will be displayed on the Internet for online voting.

The winners of the contest will be invited to demonstrate their winning project in the Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition which is open to public and represent Hong Kong to participate in the International Cyber Olympics, which is organized by Asia Online Ltd., to compete with the representatives from other countries.

There will be 6 prizes presented in the project presentation day, namely:

  1. The Champion
  2. The First Runner-up
  3. The Second Runner-up
  4. The Best Programming
  5. The Best Graphic Design
  6. The Most Creative Project

Professors of tertiary institutions, representatives from Limited and representatives from HKJSECS are invited to be our adjudicators. The marking scheme is as follow:

  • Programming 20%
  • Program Structure 15%
  • Creativity 10%
  • Usability 15%
  • Overall Appearance 10%
  • User-friendliness 10%
  • Presentation 10%
  • Online Voting 10%


  • The Cyber contest is open-topic.
  • All entries must be the original product of the participant and have never won any prizes in any other contests.
  • All entries must not violate the copyrights of any other person or company.
  • Participants are liable for the violation of copyrights of any other person or company, while the organizer and its staffs are not.
  • The decision of the judges and the organizer will be final.
  • The organizer reserves the copyrights of the winning programs.
  • No entry will be returned.
  • The organizer reserves the rights to disqualify any participants.
  • The organizer will try its best to protect the entries. However, it is not liable for the loss, damage and theft of the entries.
  • The participants may be requested to demonstrate their projects during the project presentation day.
  • Winning participants may give presentation for their programs in the 13th Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition.
  • The organizer reserves the rights to choose which team will represent Hong Kong to participate in the International Cyber Olympics.