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Who We Are

The Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society (香港聯校電子及電腦學會) is a non-profit student organization that aims at stimulating interest in the aspect of electronics and computer amongst students. Since its official establishment in 1979, the Society has become one of the most influential student organizations with great achievements. Despite the fact that the Society is wholly composed of secondary school students, our ability in organizing large-scale functions cannot be overlooked. With undying support from over 60 member schools, the HKJSECS has held 20 successful annual exhibitions, each year with its own theme based on the idea of promoting the use of IT and computers to primary and secondary school students. At its prime, the number of visitors estimated up to 50,000.


Our History

1979-1983: The Dawn (1st JSES - 4th JSES)

The predecessor of JSECS is the Joint School Electronics Society (JSES). The JSES was founded on 21 November 1979 by a group of enthusiastic students who had strong interests in electronics. Mr. P. K. Tao, an experienced physics teacher and the author of the two widely used textbooks, Physics in Action and Physics at Work, was the teacher advisor for the founding of the society. JSES was the pioneer joint school society in Hong Kong in the field of technology. At the infancy stage of the Society, the number of member schools was around 10-20. In those days, the development of personal computers had just started but was far to mature. Many science students in secondary schools were interested in electronics, especially in building analog amplifier circuits, designing digital logic circuits, and writing assembly codes for rudimentary microcontrollers. The major activities organized included seminars in electronics, hands-on workshops on building electronic circuits, inter-school quizzes, and social gatherings, etc.