Notice (Updated on 2 Oct 2017)

The Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society (hereafter referred to as "the Society") is a non-profit student organization that aims at stimulating public interest in the aspect of electronics and computer technology.

With effect from 1 October 2017 until further notice, the Society ceases to operate in accordance with Article 1.7, and sections (b) and (e) of Article 4.1 of the Constitution of the Society.

For any inquiries about the formation of the 39th Executive Committee, please contact

Previous Sessions

38th JSECS (2016-2017)

Vice PresidentKendall YuenGood Hope School
Internal SecretaryNg Lai TingHK & KLN Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School
External SecretaryKelly LeeMaryknoll Convent School
TreasurerVanessa ChanMaryknoll Convent School
Human Resources DirectorCheung Tin WingPo Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College
Project DirectorChloe LauMaryknoll Convent School
Public Relations DirectorWinson ChowPo Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College
Public Relations DirectorJulian KwanDiocesan Boys' School

37th JSECS (2015-2016)

PresidentCynthia ChauGood Hope School
Vice PresidentDeclan LeungSt. Francis Xavier's College
Internal SecretaryRachel LukSt. Paul's Co-educational College
External SecretaryTinny YuenCheung Chuk Shan College
TreasurerSophie YipMaryknoll Convent School
Human Resources DirectorNatalie WongSt. Rose of Lima's College
Project DirectorKenny ChiuPo Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College
Project DirectorAlvin YeungLa Salle College
Public Relations DirectorVincent FongSt. Joseph's College
Publications DirectorAva LauMaryknoll Convent School

36th JSECS (2014-2015)

PresidentMatthew TsuiPo Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College
Vice PresidentIsaac LeeLa Salle College
Vice PresidentElsa MaMaryknoll Convent School
Internal SecretaryDave ChanLa Salle College
External SecretaryDebbie LeungDiocesan Girls' School
TreasurerWu Ka YanCheung Chuk Shan College
Human Resources DirectorSi YangPui Ching Middle School
Project DirectorChan Cheuk TungGood Hope School
Project DirectorYu Hiu YingCheung Chuk Shan College
Public Relations DirectorAmy LiHeep Yunn School
Publications DirectorVincent WongLa Salle College
Network Services DirectorAlexander HoLa Salle College

35th JSECS (2013-2014)

PresidentCandace SiuMaryknoll Convent School
Vice PresidentRachel SinSt. Mary's Canossian College
Internal SecretaryRita TangPope Paul VI College
External SecretaryJane ChanHoly Trinity College
TreasurerNatasha FungPope Paul VI College
Human Resources DirectorTalen HonSKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School
Project DirectorAlan NgLa Salle College
Project DirectorMatthew TsuiPo Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College
Public Relations DirectorJacqueline YuenHoly Trinity College
Publications DirectorKristy LokSt. Paul's School (Lam Tin)

34th JSECS (2012-2013)

PresidentAaron KwongKing's College
Vice PresidentKeiko KamSt. Mary's Canossian College
Internal SecretaryFong Chung HoYing Wa College
External SecretaryYanice LeungSt. Mary's Canossian College
External SecretaryCandace SiuMaryknoll Convent School
TreasurerJamie LeungSt. Paul's School (Lam Tin)
Human Resources DirectorJoseph HuiSt. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School
Project DirectorMichael MuiSKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School
Public Relations DirectorAaron AuYing Wa College
Public Relations DirectorMan Chun HeiKing's College
Publications DirectorKristie HoHong Kong True Light College

33rd JSECS (2011-2012)

PresidentPsyche ChanSt. Rose of Lima's College
Internal SecretaryJason ChoiSKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School
External SecretaryKeiko KamSt. Mary's Canossian College
External SecretaryFlorence WongSt. Mary's Canossian College
TreasurerVanessa LauGood Hope School
Project DirectorEsther IpSt. Mary's Canossian College
Project DirectorRainbow TsangMaryknoll Convent School
Public Relations DirectorPhoenix ChungPope Paul VI College
Public Relations DirectorBolton LeungSKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School
Publications DirectorJacqueline LeungGood Hope School
Network Services DirectorHenry ChanWah Yan College, Hong Kong

32nd JSECS (2010-2011)

PresidentJudy ChenDiocesan Girls' School
Vice PresidentAnnie YuSt. Mary's Canossian College
Vice PresidentPriscilla KongSt. Mary's Canossian College
Internal SecretaryAngel CheungGood Hope School
External SecretaryEdward YuYing Wa College
TreasurerDaniel LuiSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Human Resources DirectorFerdinand TsangKwun Tong Maryknoll College
Project DirectorNg Tsz ManSKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School
Project DirectorCynthia NgHoly Trinity College
Public Relations DirectorKarman Kahl CheungSha Tin Government Secondary School
Public Relations DirectorTiffany ChoiPui Kiu College
Publications DirectorAngel LoSt. Mary's Canossian College

31st JSECS (2009-2010)

PresidentGary FongCheung Chuk Shan College
Vice PresidentKate LeungDiocesan Girls' School
Internal SecretaryMichael ChanSt. Joseph's College
External SecretaryChan Yik ChunQueen's College
TreasurerIrene FokDiocesan Girls' School
Public Relations DirectorJudy ChenDiocesan Girls' School
Public Relations DirectorKelsey WongGood Hope School
Project DirectorLuk Tsz MingQueen's College
Project DirectorWong Chung HoSt. Joseph's College
Publications DirectorLinda LamDiocesan Girls' School

30th JSECS (2008-2009)

PresidentCharlene YuDiocesan Girls' School
Vice PresidentMarvin ChungWah Yan College Hong Kong
Internal SecretaryLam Yuen HeiQueen Elizabeth School
External SecretaryMavis TsangGood Hope School
TreasurerOscar FongSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Public Relations DirectorCatty LeeHang Seng School of Commerce
Public Relations DirectorNatalie NgMaryknoll Convent School
Project DirectorsNg Chak HungSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Project DirectorsWong Chung HangSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Publications DirectorKimberly TsuiDiocesan Girls' School
Network Service DirectorRay LaiLa Salle College

29th JSECS (2007-2008)

PresidentTony WongLa Salle College
Vice PresidentEdmund TseDiocesan Boys' School
Internal SecretaryGary FongCheung Chuk Shan College
External SecretaryWendy AuSt. Paul's Co-educational College
TreasurerCasper LumSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Public Relations DirectorBonnie ChanDiocesan Girls' School
Public Relations DirectorBruce WanSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Project DirectorJohn LauCheung Chuk Shan College
Publication DirectorTony LingSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Network Service DirectorTerry TangLa Salle College

28th JSECS (2006-2007)

PresidentFioni CheungLi Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong
Vice PresidentKitty CheungHoly Trinity College
Vice PresidentHarry ShekSt. Paul's Co-educational College
Internal SecretaryShirley TangHoly Trinity College
External SecretaryCherry YiuMaryknoll Convent School
External SecretaryVincci SumHeep Yunn School
TreasurerShih Kwun TungSt. Paul's College
Public Relations DirectorKoube LeungHang Seng School of Commerce
Public Relations DirectorLee Ka KiSt. Louis School
Project DirectorAlan YungTsung Tsin Middle School
Project DirectorKo Cheuk OnDiocesan Boys' School
Publications DirectorEdwin ChuLa Salle College
Network Service DirectorLai Wai HoLa Salle College