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ECS EVENTCity Tracing 2015 :  Découvre


City Tracing 2015 : Découvre

Découvre, discover in French, has always been the act of men, originated from curiosity, the very core of human nature. Ever since our birth, we try to discover, we search for an answer, motivated by our purest curiosity. As we grow up, we begin to question relationships, ideas, beliefs, and to the furthest...our origin. We can see how curiosity and discovering occupies our life. Even when we encounter and experience, even when our minds transform and are deflected, by money, by power, the curiosity in human persists and continues to be pure. Come together, approach again the divine curiosity, and discover.

ECS EVENT學界微電影大賽 2015


學界微電影大賽 2015

現今資訊科技發達,拍攝短片已不局限於擁有昂貴錄像機的人。一台錄像機由 不同人使用,顯出不一樣的畫面,不一樣的詮釋。 「學界微電影大賽」是由香港聯校電子及電腦學會主辦的短片製作比賽,旨在提供一個平台讓參加者一展短片製作方面的才華,並讓參賽者在製作過程中學 習與素未謀面的人合作、交流為青少年提供一個廣交朋友的渠道。



HKDSE ICT Seminar 2015

The HKDSE ICT Seminar 2015 is now open for application.

We are honored to have Mr. Frankie Tam (MSc in CompEng), a professional ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tutor, to be the lecturer of the seminar.

ECS EVENTThe Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award 2015


The Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award 2015

The Hong Kong Outstanding IT School Award is one of the most highlighted projects organized by HKJSECS every year. Every year, we are able to attract student teams from different schools to compete and share their creative ideas with each other. Following last year’s great success, the 36th HKJSECS is going to organize HKOITSA 2015, continuing to provide a platform for students to show-off their talents and enrich their knowledge in IT.

ECS SUPPORTSCyberport Youth Coding Jam 1000


Cyberport Youth Coding Jam 1000

This mega event aims to promote coding education among the youth and encourage students to develop programming potentials.

All participants will receive a series of FREE special coding training on Minecraft platform. With the skillset, participants can build their own assigned parts of the futuristic Smart City map from January to March 2015. On 9 April 2015, 1,000 selected participants will meet at the IT Fest opening ceremony at Central Harbourfront to finish their last bit of coding, where we will aggregate all completed parts into a giant digital Smart City for the public to see and witness the setting of a new World Record!